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Ladies, Gentlemen, Allow Me to Introduce you to the New Volvo V90

You know a good car when you see one. All you need is to be in it to qualify it as a masterpiece. It is no different with the Volvo V90 experience. It is a showstopper if you could get the opportunity to view the inside. The Volvo V90 combines aesthetic and functionality aspects all geared to your satisfaction. You can be assured of a very impressive cabin look. There is just so much elegance around it that you would not mind at all sitting in. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a tablet size touch screen on it. The fun part is that this is just the beginning .

With a T8 twin engine I suggest you buckle up soon. You are getting real muscle with both electrical and gas charged motors. With the electrical motor you could do up to forty kilometers if it’s a daily routine. For higher driving efficiency you could use both without spending a pretty penny on fuel . This is why you want this engine. Yes, there is a Volvo on call app to help. If you want to heat or cool your engine, shut your doors or even track your car then with a Volvo on call up you are game. Whoever you are with in the car will love you for the WI-FI. You do not need James bond with this one, if someone tries to break in your car it gets to tell on them . Whether you are a ninja yourself or want to call the police that is left to you.

The Volvo V90 was built for people who are very particular with their safety . You can trust Volvo V90 to give you a three sixty degree angle camera with a bird eye view. You get four cameras at the door mirrors one in the front and the other at the back on each side. This gives you leverage if you are in a confined area with almost non- existent visibility. If parking has always been a problem for one reason or the other then now its not. With the pilot pack assist as long as you have the accelerator and brake in check then your care gets parked whether in parallel or perpendicular form.

Volvo V90 present you with a Sensus navigation systems. This simplifies your ease in passing information from commanding the car, to getting reports on alternative route traffic conditions alongside that of parking spots available. A car app is at your disposal to inform friends of where you are . For the great fulfillment of your music needs the Volvo V90 presents to you the Bowers and Wilkins Systems.

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