6 Reasons to Invest In New Siding

Routine maintenance and repairs of a home can become costly when the materials used to cover the exterior age and begin to fail. New siding is an investment that offers a great return on both property value and protection. Below are six reasons why this may be the perfect time to change your home siding.


How old is your siding?

The more siding ages, the less effective it becomes in keeping the elements out of your home. The wear-and-tear begins to show over years of use. If your current siding is in the range of 30 to 50 years old, you might want to start considering replacement products. Not only will it provide better protection, but more contemporary products can help insulate the home. This saves you on heating and cooling costs.


Wear and Damage

Natural wear of most siding products can make your home look aged and dated. Damage from years of storms, tree limbs, and dents or dings with equipment, furniture, or horseplay can leave parts of the interior walls exposed to the elements. The exterior covering of your home is an important moisture barrier.


Signs of Water Intrusion

One of the biggest signs that water is getting behind the siding is finding moisture on a visual inspection. A strong smell of mold on the exterior and interior walls of the home are another vital clue. Visibly wet insulation and wood rot are two more indications that water is making a path to the interior of the home.


Improve Property Value

There is an endless number of projects that can be done around the home to improve the value. Anything that improves the aesthetic of the home generally increases the property value immediately. New siding is one change that will provide a boost in the asking price of any home.


Completely Change Looks

Choosing a different type of siding can completely change the looks of your home. This is an easy way to feel like you purchased a new home without the hassles and expense of moving. You can switch to a faux stone, brick, or log front painlessly and effortlessly.


Affordable Facelift

Standard wood sided homes have to be painted every few years. In the meantime the paint begins to peel and chip away, looking worse and worse as the years roll by. Getting a home repainted can be costly and time-consuming. Switch to a siding product that requires less maintenance to look great.


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