9 Lessons Learned: Doors

The Popular Types of Business and Residential Access Doors

Keeping locked doors is the most popular method that people use to keep their businesses and homes safe. Most people use the advanced home security or the simple security gadgets to feel safe from the threat of having someone suspicious entering through the doors. Apart from using the normal home lock systems, we can also use access doors. Different people install access doors for different reasons. Business setting and residential setting are both applicable areas for access doors. In spite of the design that the access doors come in, their main purpose remains to keep certain spots of the office and home safe. There are various types of access doors.

The fire rated access doors are known to be the most stylish among other types. This type of access doors have been tested for fire resistance. For their high fire resistance, they are made for the areas that are exposed to high levels of heat. According to the purpose of the door, the fire rated doors are divided into other types. We have the insulated and the non-insulated doors. The rooms that are exposed to high temperatures deserve the insulated doors. This is because of their ability to scatter heat. The non-insulated type doors are designed for rooms where temperature is not always a factor.

The other type of access doors are the non-rated access doors. These doors do not come with a fire rating. In most cases, they are used to restrict people who are not allowed to enter certain parts of a home or an office from gaining access to the restricted area. According to the name, these doors are made for places or areas where heat is not a factor. The non-rated doors can be helpful in preventing unauthorized people from accessing a restricted area.

There are also other types of access doors depending on the material used. The access doors made of plastic are used for the light purposes. There are also the stainless steel access doors. Banks are the most businesses that make use of the stainless steel doors. This is because in such settings, the doors made from lighter materials cannot be of much help.

The other type of access door is the attic access doors. The most appropriate setting for the attic doors is the attics in homes. Most people place their old and valuable items in attics where few people can access them.

It is evident that access doors offer many advantages to a business and a home. It is the high time that homeowners and business people recognized that access doors should be an integral part of the overall security measures.

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