Associated Group Remodeling

S&R Remodeling is a general contracting company with over 20 years of remodeling experience. Foremost, it helps you significantly in case you are set to to get a loan for the use of remodeling your kitchen. Be sure that areas such as flash around chimneys, ducts, electrical cables and vent pipes, exhaust to the outside from kitchen and bathrooms and any sky lights need to be checked and sealed.remodeling

We chose Zeus remodeling as the primary contractor and designer for the project and overall, our experience with Zeus was excellent. Not only that, but you will probably see a number of new and unique products and fixtures installed throughout the house that may catch your eye.

The new fireplace and redesigned family room give us so much more space and much cleaner, more open design. By filling out a joining form, some of the best Companies in any given area can be found. The Sharonville Convention Center is filled wall to wall, upstairs and downstairs, with the Remodeling Expo.

Old models of kitchen appliances have already been replaced by newer and trendier models. This is important for cost savings as these companies know exactly where to purchase products to guarantee the best prices. The white countertops make the room look spacious while creating a light and airy environment.remodelingremodeling

Adding a new room will make home much more accessible, enjoyable bringing your home half a century forward. Much of our remodeling is of homes that have stood for over a century, with valuable embodied energy and narrative contained within. One of those ideas is the installation of new cabinets and or the removing of a wall to make it bigger.