Bathroom Remodeling (For Pros By Pros)

Transitions by Firenza helps create the bathroom of your dreams by handling bathroom remodels from beginning to end. A budget that is small still can do a lot for you while still letting things look like they cost a bit of money. So, whether it’s countertops, faucets, lighting, tile, cabinetry, vanities, or something else, the amount of materials that we can integrate into your bathroom or kitchen remodel is nearly limitless.bathroom remodelbathroom remodel

A bathroom remodeling project is a very personal project and what is important to one person may have little significance to another. Home improvement, and especially bathroom remodeling involves more than just changing out fixtures. Bathroom remodeling can cost up to $16,000 but will update the home and reduce the risk of repairs that are needed in the future.bathroom remodel

Depending on what one is out to achieve with his bathroom, the amount used for bathroom remodeling can vary significantly. If your bathroom has one or two areas of concern,¬†you might decide to swap out an individual fixture or two. Browse the pictures below to see an example of our work, and contact us (847) 202-6465 to schedule your free consultation and learn more about what Tom’s Best can do for you.

When deciding on your next home improvement project, consider updating to a luxury bathroom. Nothing looks worse than having dated appliances in a home that also cost a considerable amount of money because they are not energy efficient. Let us incorporate a radiant floor heating system into your design, ensuring you’ll never have cold feet about the design of your bathroom again.

Modest in size and price and when combined with shower walls, receptor and faucet/shower head of choice will give you an attractive choice for your remodel. Electrical and plumbing; bathroom remodel cannot be complete without plumbing or electrical issues.