Country Chicken Girl’s Bathroom Remodel

As one of the most trafficked rooms in a home, it’s no surprise that your Wisconsin bath is probably starting to show its age. When looking at bathroom vanities, storage will likely be a key part of the decision. Bathroom cabinets can be any color or style and can have more cabinets added on for more storage. You’ll be amazed how quickly we can patch and texture the walls, install new bathroom cabinets, counter tops, and lay new flooring.bathroom remodelbathroom remodel

But if this is a full-service bathroom and you have no alternate baths in the house, consider downtime. However, there are many things a homeowner on a limited budget can do to change the look of their kitchen. Over and over I see complaints about contractors when, in fact, BOTH the homeowner and the contractor are at fault for not having an ironclad agreement and an understanding of the work.

If a dripping faucet or stained bathroom walls have you dreaming of the brushed metal, glass tile and ultra-modern sinks in a remodeled bathroom, you’re not alone. I admit being apprehensive about buying the centerpiece to our bathroom based on pictures and a written description, but I liked what I saw, including the price.bathroom remodel

Opt to install a pedestal sink in a small bathroom instead of one with cabinets on the bottom. Some homeowners think the idea of transforming their bathroom is hopeless because it isn’t big enough. If you need to fully demo to the studs, budget at least three full days for this.

We strive to provide both The Ultimate Remodeling Experience® and the utmost customer service and satisfaction possible. Copper or CPVC (plastic) lines that supply the bathroom with hot and cold water can be 1/2 in. diameter in most regions. Deciding on the size of your bathroom vanity will depend on the number of people who plan to use it, the dimensions of your bathroom, and the amount of items needing storage.