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Spring is the perfect time to start fresh, especially if you’re planning a kitchen remodel The season’s remodeling trends will bring new life to your worn-out kitchen, ensuring it’s a room you and your family enjoy spending time in. The fewer unnecessary steps needed to complete a task, the smoother the function of your kitchen will be. Almost every kitchen has a design flaw or something that can be changed to make the space more workable. Consider installing a double-bowled farmhouse sink during a kitchen remodel so you can use one side for dirty dishes and the other exclusively for food preparation, like washing the spuds for your famous mashed potatoes or candied remodel ideas

In fact, the average homeowner in Indiana spends almost three hours a day in the kitchen (19 hours per week to be exact). The kitchen design provides you with additional counter space as well as a distinct area for placing your kitchen appliances. Lately, this area has been transformed from a place that collects all the spills and stains from your cooking endeavors into one of the most attractive focal points in the kitchen.

If you have recently updated your kitchen and didn’t touch the faucet, chances are, your old sink does not mesh well with the new design. To keep costs low a small kitchens remodel will typically incorporate ready-to-assemble cabinetry, as well as materials such as laminate, vinyl, linoleum and ceramic tile.

A countertop has a personality of its own, and it can be a driving force for the new design of your spring kitchen. White paint, marble countertops, and a sparkling blue backsplash give this kitchen a youthful glow. However, dark countertops can keep a room from looking blindingly white and give it a more up-to-date remodel ideas

Even if you have a small kitchen, you can remodel in such a way as to give you the storage you need to maximize space. The translucent glass sliding door between the kitchen and bathroom brings light into both rooms while still providing privacy for guests. Furnish a small kitchen with useful furniture pieces that are in scale with its remodel ideas