Fireplace Remodel With Stacked Stone

Enter your name & email address below to download your FREE home remodeling process guide! One thing you want to be careful of is not to get regular paint on the metal face or interior of the fireplace as those areas require a special high heat paint. Since our home improvement projects began a few months ago, we’ve had new carpet installed throughout our home, new tile installed in the entry hall, new flooring installed in the kitchen and dining room, and our fireplace has been remodeled.

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Using rock available at local quarries is a sustainable living choice that trims the transportation costs baked into the prices of stone. Destruction of the old facade is needed without causing structural damage to the fireplace itself. You will need to determine whether the surrounding materials (stone, brick, mantel, etc.) can be removed without disturbing the fireplace itself.

It will be worth your time also to look at and consider tile and cultured or fabricated stone for your project. A mantel that is too big or too small can have a big impact on the overall look of your fireplace. We tore off the lava rock, which was just a veneer mortared over the fireplace brick and some of the Sheetrock.

The approximate costs and value of a typical Fireplace Remodeling project are summarized below. Patterns and designs can adorn the stone, even cutting out the homeowner’s country, state or county of birth carved out of the stone pieces. You could see how this floor-to-ceiling fireplace completely dominated the room.fireplace remodel