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Guide to Furniture A piece of chair is really a construction of structural parts and in most cases includes a fabric and fiber to characterize the whole creation and design. There are many factors that perform critical functions on these types of furniture and these include high performance fabrics, colors, textures and fibers used as cushioning. How comfortable it is for the occupant is another consideration. This pertains to its functional requirements or its intended use. The intended purpose of the furniture will also determine the sitting position of the person using it. A good illustration is a task chair; it is here that an occupant can only recline slightly forward to avoid hitting an object in front or lean back far enough that would make performing the task more difficult. Similarly if you have arm chairs in a dining setting, they are always placed at the table heads instead of using them on the row of table sides. The purpose of this is so that the one occupying the head of the table arm rest, and the chairs on the sides gives it occupants an easy way to slip out. Now, to the question of the chairs high appeal of luxury, its sophistication and high price, it hangs on the kind of fabric that it uses -leather being the most expensive. You will see a lot of advertisements for leather couches and chairs and the price range will be on the thousands of dollar price range. We cannot say that all leather couches are the same because there are some that comes with a low price tag. We suspect that some are not real leather at all.
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Leather is not like any other fabric used for furniture since there is a restriction of its manufacture to a particular skin hide and size. There are also now different ways to achieving a finished product that determines its particular usage. Genuine leather comes in three basic types. One is the full grain which means that the full hide of the animal has been used with minimal interference and this is the most durable and rarest kinds of leather. Top grains, derives its name when the full grain leather is being sliced. It being the one found on uppermost layer after being buffed and polished. Split grains, however is the leather taken from the bottom of the hide. This type of leather is very fragile but it is also the cheapest type.
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There are leather products that are not quite leather that you find where you might see the words ‘cow hide leather,’ ‘genuine leather,’ or ‘one hundred percent leather. These different types actually only have a thin coating of leather so that they will appear genuine but they are not really and they don’t even match synthetic leather.