Handyman Bathroom Remodel Ideas

For many, the daily use of a small bathroom, particularly in a home with children, is a practice in futility. You can dramatically change the entire feel of your bathroom with just the stroke of a brush. A bathroom remodel should not replace fad with fad, unless you are planning on constantly doing bathroom remodels. A neutral bathroom remodel will stand the test of time and boost resale potential—especially when you embrace bright ideas and attractive finishes that appeal to the masses.

Indulge your creativity with us and create a bathroom you’ll love spending time in for years to come! Or consider off-white, beige, or gray textured glazed ceramic tile if you’re planning a modern spa or minimalist design. Many people feel hesitant about using bright colors in a small bathroom thinking that it will make the place more cramped.bathroom remodel ideasbathroom remodel ideas

Even if you don’t incorporate every element of universal degisn into the bathroom now, it’s worth putting in the structural framework, such as blocking in the walls for future support bars. Large walk-in showers are perfect for today’s busy lifestyle where some people do not have the time or desire to soak in the tub.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) also reports that pet washing zones and built-in kitty litter boxes are on the increase in bathroom remodels. Making the decision somewhat painful is the fact that remodeling a bathroom is one of most expensive things you can do in your home, when looked at on a per square foot basis.bathroom remodel ideas

Before you write off the thought utterly why not sit down with a couple of sheets of sq. Paper and check out a couple of completely different ideas. One of our award-winning interior designers will be happy to meet with you to determine how you envision the finished bathroom, and then will offer ideas based on those conversations.