How Much Does A Home Remodel Cost In Boston?

We always hear that remodeling a kitchen is one of the most expensive home improvements. A favorite of mine was the kitchen renovation wrap up post from Seventh House On The Left Post here I remember showing the hubs their finished kitchen and when we saw that they spent $28-$33k on their kitchen we felt good with our $30-$35k ballpark remodel cost

You should also write down things about your current kitchen you wouldn’t want to give up. Like if your current kitchen has a three-bowl sink with a built in hot water dispenser and you’ve gotten to where you would feel lost without it. Write it down, cause you’re going to want one of those in the new kitchen as remodel cost

However we were shocked when the estimate for the kitchen remodeling costs came in. Although we would have to take out a loan to complete everything that we had put on the wish list, we began to look at alternatives to keep down the kitchen remodeling costs.

You need to involve a skilled professional remodeling contractor, a designer who is skilled in kitchen design and has your best interests in mind, and you need a supplier who can provide the products that go into the project on time, complete, and without remodel cost

Once you have a better idea of what your project will involve, as well as many of the new materials and products you’ll use, sit down with a kitchen designer, remodeling contractor or architect to do a thorough examination and breakdown of the costs involved.