How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost? Enough To Make You Lose Your Lunch

Pinpointing the exact cost of a kitchen remodel in Queens isn’t always easy because there are a number of factors that can influence the overall price. Expensive appliances like gourmet stoves and refrigerators, as well as non-traditional kitchen appliances like drink coolers, can significantly raise the cost of a home remodel. While renovating can be a costly option, it can add considerable value to your home and improve the space and functionality of your kitchen.

If custom cabinetry, built-in refrigeration and a La Cornue range are all must-haves, you’re talking high style and the price tag that goes with it. This kitchen is for real cooks. Even if you DIY the entire kitchen, you still have to pay for the raw remodel cost

Reface the existing kitchen cabinets, install new laminate counter tops, sink and faucet, install new mid-range appliances, replace existing floor with a vinyl floor, and paint. Marble and tile are two of the most popular materials for kitchen islands, but they aren’t the only options.

Also, don’t be fooled by outrageous discounts and claims of this kitchen installed in your home for only $2,999.” A kitchen remodel is a complex project and no one can produce an accurate quotation without seeing the actual project site. After that, your design, allowances and product selections will determine the final remodel cost

Selecting the right materials, design and tradesmen can also be instrumental in successfully completing your kitchen renovation project. The cost to have an expert install the cabinets and countertop and appliances is likely to run a minimum of $1500 in a small remodel cost