Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Average kitchen remodel cost is a nebulous number that hinges on different factors. We’re not going to spend a lot of time covering the details of the products, as that information is readily available from the manufacturers (for in-depth product information check out our e-showroom.) We also aren’t going to get into detail on kitchen designing, that’s why we have designers on staff but we will get you thinking about some design considerations that will help customize your kitchen to the way you want to use remodel cost

Through this guide, we want to help you carefully plan for your kitchen remodel, determine the scope and cost to remodel a kitchen and reduce the likelihood of budget overruns, delays and every other remodeling beast you may or may not have heard remodel costkitchen remodel cost

To get the most bang for your buck it’s important to set a budget from the start, know your needs and understand where the money will go. Before shopping for appliances, tile or flooring, know your personal needs and goals for the outcome of the remodel.

A major upscale kitchen remodel that costs $100,000+ sees the addition of custom cabinets with enhanced storage features, stone countertops with a tile backsplash, upscale appliances, designer sink and faucet with water filtration system, lighting (including ambient lighting), and higher-end resilient flooring.

William Fadul, Co-Owner, MOSAIC Group, tells us that his estimate of $50,000 to $75,000 applies to a 12’x16′ kitchen and involves pretty much everything that homeowners want in a mid-range remodel: new semi-custom cabinets; all-new appliances (budgeted around $6,000); granite or solid-surface counters; lay new floors or tie-in existing floors; even minor structural work; and much more.