Quality Kitchen Remodel Without The Sticker Shock

At Hatfield Builders & Remodelers, we pride ourselves on redesigning outdated kitchens throughout Dallas, Plano, Richardson, and other areas in Texas. The cost of your new fitted kitchen is far more likely to be influenced by the quality of products purchased, than it’s size. There are many websites that offer tools to help estimate your kitchen remodeling costs but you need to have a good idea of what is practical.kitchen remodel cost

Meet local kitchen design centers, and ask them for samples of work they’ve done and inquire about the cost. Measure the delivery path and new appliance area to make sure that your refrigerator will fit through the doors and hallways. If you are painting yourself, a 12×12 room will cost you an average of $200-400.kitchen remodel cost

It was a big, awkward room with a U-shaped kitchen on one end with three cabinets and a small countertop. Usually, you’ll use your existing cabinets, but we’ll repaint or refinish them to update the appearance of your kitchen. Wow….alot to think about and not sure how much I can afford, but very informational on styles, options on products and do-it-yourself cost cutting.

If not, there is a good chance the kitchen you end up with won’t quite be the one you wanted. Your final product (your dream kitchen) and the total kitchen remodeling experience will be enhanced if you invest a little time in educating yourself and planning your project.kitchen remodel cost

I can tell myself over and over again that it’s well below the national average for renovating a kitchen or even well below the Baltimore major remodel average of $53k ( source ), but it still put a sizable dent in our savings account. But you need to take a more measured approach to the issue of kitchen remodeling costs instead of landing on a single number.