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Reasons You Need an Egress Window Well

A window well is a practical installation that finds great use whenever you need to leave the basement fast in an emergency. There are building codes that require that there be a functional window well in buildings that have basements that are fully or partially below ground. Ideally,a window well should be covered and the cover used should be one that fittingly rests upon the top part of the well. There are several types of materials that are usable when it comes to window well construction. The well should as a bare minimum be between 4 and 6 inches broader than your window. The well should be so designed that about 4 to inches of it rise above the earth grade. Drainage is another important consideration when erecting a window well. Drainage can be addressed by including a pipe that drains water away from the well or by having a layer of gravel at the bottom. There is no standard window well size that applies to all buildings as specifications vary from place to place. Read further to discover other reasons for having a window well.

Firmly installed window wells that have the ground around them held securely keeps the dirt around from giving way,injuring your family. Covers made of aluminum grates on top of clear polycarbonate are best as they have the capacity to remain firm even when weights of up to 400 pounds are placed on them,meaning that it is not possible for human beings to step on them and fall under. These covers will not let an intruder get into your house through the basement,and this guarantees you safety.

Wells constructed well that also have the best covers on keep off ice,snow and rain,ensuring they do not leak through the window or damage it.
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During emergencies such as fire,people can quickly ease themselves out into safety through basement egress windows. The same window well can help you get help from firemen as you can let in through this entrance.
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A window well allows natural light from outside into your basement,making it to possible to use it for uses such as a bedroom or even a private office. Natural light helps you save some money by cutting your electric lighting bill.

A good professional for window well installation can help bring beauty into your basement by using pleasing designs on the well sides such as painted stones or any other creative design.

You now understand why some houses need to have window wells as part of their overall design. If you live in Rockwell,be sure to contact a good and experienced Rockwell based egress window well expert for advice on the best solution for your basement.