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How to Help a Student Improve his Math Skills Math has gained the reputation as being that subject in school that students are most afraid of. It is true, math can be difficult, but the anxiety associated with math seems to be universal. That is why in order for a teacher or tutor to be able to help a student improve his math skills, it is important to help him fix the anxiety problem. But there is no need to delay tutoring in math just because a student is afraid of the subject. The first thing you should do is to assess the student’s math ability. Your tutoring should begin at this point. Math is a sequential subject, you need to learn basic fractions first in order for you to understand simplifying or reducing fractions. Aligning problems properly is often neglected but is very important for the student to learn for his math skills to improve. This is part of the visual aspect of solving math problems. Your student will not need a calculator to simplify fractions is he can write them down in correct alignment on paper. When it comes to addition and multiplication, the proper alignment of numbers is crucial. It takes a small amount of discipline to line up numbers in their proper columns, but it helps a great deal in addition and multiplication.
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In order to help your student improve his math skills, here are some helpful activities to remember.
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Blank paper has been found to be more helpful for student with difficulty in math than using lined paper. Lined paper has been found to cause some distractions on the student’s eye focus, because he sees the lines instead of just numbers. Anything that can be a cause of distraction should be removed or minimized to help the student concentrate on pure numbers. Try using colored pens to mark step-by-step processes in solving math problems. Marking different steps with different colored markers in solving problems helps the student master the step-by-step process that many solutions are done with. The student will learn to adjust his pace guided by the color changes. It is important for you to allow the student to repeat the whole process after every demonstration. It would be helpful for him also to use the same color changes with every step. It is important for the student to learn the step-by-step process slowly by repeating it several times. Take it easy on the student and allow him to learn a simple skill, like computing simple interest loans or weighted grades, at a time. It also give him a good confidence boost, which is crucial in his learning.