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Choosing a Good Lawn Care Company

All homeowners want their lawns pretty and healthy, but this isn’t always easy to achieve. They usually have neither the experience nor the time to do the job themselves. If that’s true for you, then hiring a professional lawn care service may be your best alternative. And like any other service that requires a substantial amount of money, you have to take your time looking for the right one.

The following are tips that can help you find a well-reputed lawn care service:

Know the company’s reputation.

Research is always important. There are so many lawn care services nowadays, and definitely, they’re not all created equal. A quick search on Google will reveal how these companies differ. Do they have more good reviews or bad reviews? Are there any mentions of the company in local news? Ask your neighbors which company they hire for lawn maintenance.

See if they have a valid license.

Be sure to hire a company with a license. You can reduce your costs with someone who is unlicensed, but take note that a license represents competence and professionalism.

Ask them if they’re insured

Don’t hire a lawn care service that is uninsured. This should include workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. You don’t want to be liable in the event of an accident that causes property damage or an injury.

Look into their professional ties.

Pick a company that is a member of a national or local industry association. While membership does not guarantee anything, it does show that they are committed to the business and the industry overall.

Read reviews about their customer service.

Hire a lawn care service that is easy to contact or communicate with. They have to be reachable in between visits, in case you have any issues or questions you want to raise with them.

Pick a company that has invested in modern equipment.

A good lawn care service invests in good equipment and takes care of it. Ask them how frequently they replace their mower blades. A good interval for changing out blades is every ten mowing hours; if the blades aren’t often changed, they must at least be sharpened as frequently.

Don’t proceed without a written contract.

When hiring any type of service provider, always have a contract. This document must state whether the agreement will be renewed yearly, biyearly or monthly. Of course, it should include all the services and the costs. It should also come with a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their work.

Understand their pricing.

Ask for an estimate before having any work done. This will give you more control when it comes to your budget. Be suspicious when a company quotes you a yearly rate without having seen your lawn first. Finally, ask them what payments plans are available, if you can pay a yearly free upfront in order to save costs, and if you have to pay for service calls.

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